Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, we can match almost any colour for the fibreglass with a small additional charge for some special mixes. The chassis you can paint any colour or have it powder coated at your local powder coaters.

Depending on stock levels it can take up to 4 weeks to assemble the components for your kit.

Typical build time is 100-150 hours.

All that you need to build your Exocet with the exception of the donor car

The kits that we supply here in NZ are different to the UK kits. There are a number of modifications that had to be made to pass the Design Approval process with the LVVTA, which means the chassis include things like seat mounts that don't appear on theirs. We have also made the same modifications to the chassis as the guys at Exomotive in the USA have made to theirs - more triangulation, the addition of some shear plates and a lightly different rear suspension mount set-up.

Another big difference is that our kits are fully comprehensive and include everything you need to complete your car, with the addition of the donor MX5. This means that on top of the UK kit, we also have a full lighting kit (including the rear cluster assembly), reflectors, wing and rear-view mirrors, seat-belts, wheel spacers (bolt-in adaptors), Tein springs, GRP instrument cluster surround, bonnet pins, prop-shaft safety hoop, fuel hose (as well as the steel bundy pipe), pod air filter, some ali for making the odd bracket and many more nuts, bolts, edge trim, rivets, clips, glue, screws, etc.

Also - to give you a comparison, the kits in the UK are GBP2600+20% VAT and in Australia are AUD$12,000+10% GST and they are both the base kits, without the extras listed above. It is a reality too, that the cost of parts and manufacturing is higher here than in the UK, particularly as we have to import a number of the extra items in the comprehensive kit. We were determined that our comprehensive kits truly are comprehensive. We know our kits offer fantastic value - and certainly more fun/$ than any other kit in NZ!!


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